What if every child finished high school, went to college or university, got a job and gave back to our community? Wouldn't that be something?

Ways to volunteer

Play BIG Bucks.....Click Here


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ONE Hour is all it takes to have a significant impact on a child's life.  We have so many programs to suit your style click here

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We believe in the Value of Mentoring

Did you know you can spend just one hour a week with a child over a period of time and they will bully other children less....Boys need friends too, why not volunteer today,start something big...

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Why not Start Something

Are you female and over 20? Would you like to spend time with a girl or young woman who is looking for a friend? Start something today and enroll in our Big Sister program. Spend a few hours a week with your new Little Sister having fun, chatting, doing crafts and hobbies. Just hanging out. Click here to get started...

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School's Cool Again!

Join a young person in their school and spend one hour a week making them smile. Shoot some hoops. Read a book. Do some art. Kick a ball around. It really doesn't matter what you do. It's that you do it together. Get started here...

Witnessing the transformation of a child into a confident young person is a remarkable thing. 

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